How to Shop for the Holidays

1. Ask your friend or family member what they would like.


2. Search around for the item(s) they requested.


3. If you spend too much on books for yourself, search for something similar to what they asked for…


4. If you can’t find what they want, there will probably be more options.


5. Remember to shop early, so you don’t miss out.


6. If all else fails, ask a friend or cheerful associate to help.


6. Make sure to keep in mind what they would hate, and maybe don’t buy that.


7. Happy Shopping and Good Luck! Don’t forget to enjoy the holidays!


Holiday Gift Giving Made Easy!


Thank you Mr. Neil Gaiman. First of all did you know we are trying to bring Mr. Gaiman to the store? and you can help us? Details on our website.

HELLO loyal customers, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

This is a message for you, that yes there are only 32 days and 14 hours left until Christmas, and only 25 days until Hanukkah starts and it’s okay we got you covered!

Books are the perfect gift, really and we want to help you find that perfect book for the perfect gift!

Our first aid is our winter catalog, that allows you to see top publisher picks for great holiday gifts. We even have it easier than ever before in that you can browse our web version and as easy as clicking on the book you like you can order from our website, pick up and pay in store, have it wrapped and be on your way!


Second, we have our staff picks, books we have read and love dearly and think everyone else should read too. They are always on display and we’re always here to answer questions, hunt for books, order books, and look up reviews to make sure you get the best book!

Third is our events!

We have the Grinch coming to town on November 29th at 10am as a drop in event for kids. At the First Annual Grinch Christmas Party, attendees will make crafts and participate in games that focus on kindness and good will. Children can also nominate their favorite book to be donated to Project Self-Sufficiency, a Northern Colorado nonprofit that creates opportunities for low-income, single parent families. After guests have chosen the book they’d like to be donated, they can hand it over to the Green Man himself, take a photo, and maybe even get a signed copy of How the Grinch Stole Christmas.Tickets for this event cost $5 to cover supplies and snacks for each child. One dollar of each ticket will be donated to Project Self-Sufficiency in addition to the money collected by Old Firehouse Books customers throughout November. Adults do not need tickets to attend, and this means you can have a chance to browse and shop while the kids party with the Grinch!

We also have the Sugar Plum Fairy visiting us for a story time and ballet lesson! This also means you get a chance to sneak away and find some special books for those on your list!


Our final aid is that we sell more than books! REALLY!

We have t-shirts, socks, mugs, wrapping paper, advent calendars, wall art, planners, journals, puzzles, games, note cards, greeting cards, book lights, tote bags and a few other odds and ends I am sure I’m forgetting!


So stop on by, we promise you won’t regret it!


~Rebecca Lee Robinson



A picture is worth 1000 words…or 30,000

You know that cliche, “a picture is worth 1,000 words” which has some footing in story-telling and the who, what, where, when and why of an image. It is kind of a cool concept, ever try writing those 1,000 words?

What if you could just have words for a picture?

Guess what? We got you covered!

We are now selling Litographs!

They are beautiful posters and prints to decorate your home, office, classroom or nursery!

They literally are made of words; about 30,000 to 80,000 words or the first few chapters of the book make up these whimsical images. If you really want, you can read the poster. You just might need a magnifying glass.

Check out a few we have below!


Alice in Wonderland


Pride and Prejudice


Origin of Species


Moby Dick

Our Harry Potter Halloween!

This post is a little late, but we want to thank everyone that came to our Harry Potter Halloween and for those that wanted to come and couldn’t make it. We hope to make this an annual event for our local young wizards and witches, and maybe some older fans as well. For more photos visit our flickr album!

Greg Zeigler Interview

Interview with local author Greg Zeigler who had a lovely event with us last week!

1. Your latest book, The Straw That Broke, is considered “climate fiction” (a.k.a. “CliFi”). What can you tell us about this new subgenre and what drew you to it as an author?

1) To be perfectly honest, I didn’t realize what I had worked on for ten years was climate fiction. It was only after expat blogger Dan Bloom read a very positive review of The Straw That Broke and contacted me from Taiwan. He said thatStraw was cli fi and recommended that it be accepted at joining some very impressive company such as Barbara Kingsolver and Margaret Atwood. Dan Bloom, has been quoted in Time magazine and is considered to be the father of the cli fi or the climate fiction genre. Cli fi, according to Dan, is any work of fiction that deals with climate change. Even last summer’s film, “Godzilla” and the recent, “Snowpiercer” are considered to be cli fi. But then so are Flight Behavior and I’m proud to say, The Straw That Broke.
2. Do you have a “writing ritual” that helps your creative process? 
2) I do some of my best “writing” while walking. I love to walk or hike and I always carry a pen and notebook. Often before starting a hike I jot down a few problems I’m trying to solve. Typically, by the end of the walk, I know where I’m going next in my writing.
3. What were your inspirations for The Straw That Broke? How much of it draws from real world experiences?
3) I read an article in the Salt Lake Tribune about ten years ago that indicated that a new billion dollar tunnel or “straw” was being built from Lake Mead to Las Vegas and that Nevada had not sought the approval of the Colorado River Compact, the consortium of seven states and Mexico the members of which signed an agreement in the 1920s dividing up Colorado River water. I remember thinking, that’s hubris, what if someone tried to stop them. I never dreamed when I started my eco-thriller that the situation on the Colorado River Basin would get drier and more dire every year until the crisis that currently exists (the worst drought in 1200 years). My novel has been compared to Polanski’s film “Chinatown” loosely based on the California water wars of the 1920s and to Marc Reisner’s Cadillac Desert. I consider both of those seminal works to have influenced The Straw That Broke.
4. What advice would you give aspiring authors?
4) Have a good idea, do the research, make yourself put in the “seat time,” push through to a finished draft, and then enjoy the editing and refining.
5. Any new projects in the works?
5) Ah yes, Some Say Fire, the sequel in which Jake Goddard and Susan Brand return to try and stop terrorists from intentionally setting fires in the forests of the increasingly drier (thanks to climate change) Southwest. There is a chapter ofSome Say Fire at the end of Straw. I’m anticipating a fall of 2015 release. Read more at
You have a great bookstore! Thanks for the interest in my work.

Books to Chill your Spine

What are your favorite scary books? The one’s you return to time and again for a good chill? Some food for thought? We have a few that we love as a store. Below are our picks for a good fright this Halloween season.


My pick (Rebecca)

The Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe


Tara’s Pick

The Dark and Hollow Places, by Carrie Ryan


Wes’ pick

In Cold Blood, by Truman Capote


Susie’s pick

In the Woods, by Tana French


Beth’s pick

You: Having A Baby, by Mehmet Oz and Michael Roizen


Kelsey’s pick

Bedbugs, by Ben H. Winters


Robin’s pick


Matt’s pick

The Shining, Stephen King


Allison’s pick

It, by Stephen King


Happy Reading!

~Rebecca Robinson

Book Seller Christmas

Books make us giddy.

Go figure.

So this weekend is the Mountain and Plains Independent Bookseller Association’s annual Fall Discovery Show. Which means we get to meet all the really great publisher’s the make books happen, that help us know about the books that we should read, that then in turn bring great author’s for us to meet and have sign books and the best part….

the very best part….

is that we get many many many free books!

As if we didn’t have enough on our to-read stack.

Now we have about 20-100 more to add.

However, this makes us all very happy and joyous and overwhelmed with a little spark in our heart for the love of books, and writers, and other indie stores.


We also have a bit of a hangover the next day when the living room is covered in paper’s and there is stuff everywhere we forget receiving, and we’re tired…and can’t believe what all happened the day or days before. So we all kind of flop, and smile, because we just had bookseller Christmas!