Review- Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson

I read this book in about four days. It was really gripping, unexpected, and exciting. I couldn’t put the book down easily. Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson is completely unexpected in many ways, and it keeps you on edge the entire time. The mixture of mystery, romance, and excitement will keep readers everywhere wondering what’s going to happen next.

-Mudita (Teen Advisory Board Member)


Scalzi Sunday- Week 1

JOHN SCALZI is coming to Fort Collins!

And we’re the reason why! *happy dance*


or rather…Scalzi doing the kermit flail

Following up on their incredible success with the Neil Gaiman book signing, Old Firehouse Books is excited to announce their next bestselling science fiction author event. On Sunday, August 23rd at 3pm fans will be invited to a book talk and signing with acclaimed author John Scalzi. Scalzi is the author of several New York Times bestselling novels, including the Old Man’s War series. This event will mark the release of the next book in the series, The End of All Things.

The book talk and signing will both take place at the Midtown Arts Center. Tickets for this event cost $5 and serve as a coupon for $5 off The End of All Things.

Buy tickets here!

WE can’t wait!

Happy Reading!

~Rebecca Lee Robinson

ofb front door

Did YOU find Waldo?

Throughout the month of July, little Waldo figurines were hiding in local businesses all around Fort Collins! Here he is at Halley’s Comics.hiding at haleys comics

Over 150 Waldo seekers hunted high & low in Old Town to find our little friend! These businesses were voted the top 3 Easiest Places to Find Waldo:
1 – Every Nook & Cranny tied with the Bean Cycle
2 – Akinz
3 – Halley’s Comics tied with Kansas City Kitty

These businesses were voted the top 3 Hardest Places to Find Waldo:
1 – Thamel Imports
2 – Al’s Newsstand
3 – Curiosities tied with the Lyric Cinema Cafe

On July 31st we hosted a big Waldo Party to raffle off prizes for the Waldo Seekers! Waldo himself even showed up! After the event, Waldo stopped by some of our favorite Old Town businesses. Did you spot Waldo while he was in town?

bean cycFirst he went to the Bean Cycle for a fresh cup of coffee! It’s very important for Waldo to stay alert during his travels.


After that, Waldo swung by Kansas City Kitty to check out the latest fashions. Not that he would ever part with his red & white striped shirt…

ofb front door

But of course, Waldo was most excited to hunt for his books at the Old Firehouse! See where else Waldo went and then stop by our store to find a Waldo book of your own!


Natasha Wing’s Back to School Picks

Local Children’s author Natasha Wing is our featured community member this month! She is the author of the “Night Before” series and a store favorite to have at events and part of our store. At this points she is almost an honorary employee!

Here are her favorite reads!

My Own Two Feet by Beverly Cleary


Straight Man by Richard Russo


Dead Wake by Erik Larson


Brownies and Broomsticks by Bailey Cates

9780451236630The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron


Valley of Amazement by Amy Tan


Tapper Twins Go to War by Geoff Radkey


All Four Stars by Tara Dairman


The Secret Hum of the Daisy by Tracy Holczer


Wildwood by Colin Meloy


Dory Fantasmagory by Abby Hanloy


Space Boy and His Dog by Dian Curtis Regan


Stars Go Blue by Laura Pritchett


Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins


Three Junes by Julia Grass


She will be doing a special story time for us on August 11th, with a “Back to School” theme!


Amazing August Titles We’re Pumped For!

(recommended by Teresa)
Driver Wang is sitting in his taxi when the first letter arrives and he is unsure if this is a prank or the truth. When more letters arrive, describing his past lives and how he is bound to the author of the letters, Wang’s life begins to unwind. Seamlessly jumping from Wang’s present and past, to his past lives, Susan Barker has written a wonderfully unique story that is steeped in Chinese history and folklore. I will be highly recommending to any readers that enjoy a rare story that sweeps them in and doesn’t let go.
(recommended by Allison)

The Fifth Season is a further testament to Jemisin’s ability to craft compellingly readable feats of world- and character-building. The novel is focused around three intertwining narratives and laced with cynicism, tears, and existential terror. The post-apocalyptic angle works well with the setting and the “magic system” (it doesn’t seem like quite the right term for the setting, hence the quotes) is a geology nerd’s dream. There are raw parallels to race relations, and a few horrifyingly uncomfortable and nausea-inducing scenes that are still with me months later. Jemisin remains, as always, a master of emotional immersion.

For all the magnificent and interesting world-building, at its heart, The Fifth Season is a tense, nerve-wracking, character-driven novel.

As usual, I can’t wait to see where Jemisin takes the next book in the series.

(AND, if you haven’t checked out our new sci-fi fantasy book club, our first book is Jemisin’s The Killing Moon!)
(recommended by Teresa)
Grace, Jory and Frances have been raised in a devout Christian household. No dancing, no TV, no music; just church. When Grace abruptly comes back from a mission in Mexico pregnant, she swears it’s God’s child. Disappointed and worried what the church will think of their family, Oren (their father) takes Grace and Jory to a secluded house outside of their town. Being abandoned by the people that are suppose to care for them the most triggers a series of actions from both the girls. Val Brelinski has written an outstanding novel that explores how relationships shapes us and just what family means during good times or bad. Will highly recommend!
(recommended by Allison)

Wickedly fun.

Very pleasantly surprised, considering what a letdown Alison Weir’s historical fiction was for me. Maybe the more wildly different from your non-fiction the better? (Though, now I’m totally up for Herman tackling Vatican politics and adding a dash of the dark arts.)

I’m a huge fan of the 4th-century BC setting, which hasn’t received ANY love in YA, as far as I know. The addition of magic didn’t detract from the historical aspects. I loved the allusions to Greek and Zoroastrian mythology and, of course, the stunning amount of historical detail (I could read descriptions of amphorae and Thracian helmets for days).

All six POV characters were engaging, and I was especially thrilled to see Cynane finally given another part in historical fiction (sadly nothing since Renault’s “Funeral Games”). A real-life warrior princess, come on, there are tons of narrative opportunities there!

Historical fiction fans and fantasy fans will both love this. Plenty of blood magic rituals, assassinations attempts, and kidnappings to make everyone happy.

(short but sweet review, and recommended by Susie)
This was so fantastic. It is laugh out loud good. I would even go back to high school if it would be this funny. Grab this book.

Book Organization- Digital Library

Now the ultimate level, the level I want to aspire to, is having all of my books in a spread sheet/library listing that allows me to check off what has been read. What I want to read. What genre and ratings. Along with information if I lend the book out to friends or family. Then I know who to track it down from in the case of it going MIA.

Check out these!- I’ll review a couple soon! :D





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my home library

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Happy Reading!