Geeky Garments

At the bookstore, all of us staff enjoy wearing favorite authors on our sleeves. Some of us have shirts, sweaters, tote bage, and buttons. The items have quotes and art reflecting a favorite snarky statement or beautiful cover art. And recently we have started to sell such items in our store. We have started selling different Out of Print shirts and tote bags. this is not only for the geeky employees but also so our dedicated customers can gladly sport a Very Hungry Caterpillar shirt in an adult size without feeling too much shame.

We all love the shirts! And we can order any from the company for a simple request, not to mention they’re probably the nicest quality t-shirts I have ever owned or sold.

Of course this brings up more interest in, just what all is out there for literary geeks? Well dear reader this is what I found, an array of jouyous items on the interwebs for book geeks!

How about an F. Scott Fitzgerald magnet set?

F. Scott Fitzgerald magnet set

Or a William Shakespeare bracelet

battle of wits Shakespeare acrylic engraved bracelet

How about Hitchhiker’s Guide Underwear?

Mostly Harmless Douglas Adams Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy womens ladies Underpants Underwear

This Hobbit inspired mug is pretty great!

I love you like a hobbit loves second breakfast coffee mug

Of course there is then a million and one Harry Potter items, but I was quite amused with this Polyjuice Flask!

My personal favorite finding from today must be this Oscar Wilde Clutch.

Printed Romantic Oscar Wilde SMALL clutch in dupion and printed satin. Unique, designed by Baba Studio.

Do you have a favorite geek item you love to show off? Wear to parties? Pull out for parties?

Thanks for reading,

Rebecca Robinson


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