Best Reads For: Valentine’s Day

Here is the list for the person that loves Valentine’s day, loves being in love, loves all the mooshy gooshy hearts, candy, chocolate and everything in between. Or maybe you are more like me and enjoy the holiday as a reminder, like everyday should be, to love one another and enjoy the beauty that is love. Here is a list of reads that anyone with a romantic side can enjoy.

Are You My Boyfriend, on the journey through the dating world, it tends to be scary, tiring and a bit rough. Yet, at the end of it all, we all come out where we are supposed to be.

The Essential Rumi, Rumi may be the most romantic poet on the planet, and is a book shop favorite. Whether he is praising love or friendship his writing brights calm and joy to the heart.

Shakespeare, explore your feelings through one of the greatest writers the world has ever seen, laugh, cry, muse and just feel.

The Princess Bride, laugh and believe in true love all at the same time, with my personal favorite.

What are your favorite reads for the holiday? Comment below.

~Rebecca Robinson


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