Susie’s Picks

This week I have been reading older books that I missed on their release.  And I loved them both.  I hate when I read great books back to back.  It makes it hard to pick up something unknown to read.
Let The Great World Spin by Colum McCann 
This is the Fort Collins Reads pick, so I needed to catch up and read this.  Luckily it was a great pleasure.  The writing is so smooth that the readers falls into the story and turns pages eagerly.  Lots of material to discuss.  Many thanks to all the Fort Collins fans of Colum McCann who recommended this book for the pick.  You were right!
Farm City by Novella Carpenter
This book has been out for about five years, and I am sorry it took me so long to pick it up.  The writing is engaging and often funny about the ongoing epic of framing in an abandoned lot in urban Oakland.  Gritty, wild, and lawless Oakland.  Which happens to have a great climate for gardening.  The garden expands and incorporates raising animals for meat.  Which gets even more interesting.  Novella Carpenter is an engaging, fun author.  I recommended this for Fort Collins and all of us who go to the farmer’s markets and join CSA’s and struggle to grow our own tomatoes and lettuce.

All for now-keep reading.



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