Why we love social media

Social Media is a big deal in this day and age, not only is it a means for communication but is quickly becoming THE means for communication around the world. Not only does this mean you are sharing photos with your friends but also news, ideas, quotes, images, memes, gifs, jokes, events and many other exciting things. Here at the bookstore it works as all of those things are more.

My personal favorite part of social media in relation to books is the sharing of not onlt books to read, but the thoughts surrounding every bit of the book. Instantly I can read reviews, essays, even full blown thesis’s on an authors works. I can talk to many different people about books, about book selling, about book buying. I can meet scholars I would never have met otherwise. I can share with all of you wonderful booky people what I love about certain titles, how it helped me through a tough spot, the joy picking up a classic book from childhood cna bring. I get to share that with an infinite amount of people, in return and infinite amount of people can share with me.

Beyond books it offeres a chance to share art, quotes, home decor, and geeky t-shirts, because even though they are literary themed they are more than just a book shelf, a library, or a coffee mug.

What is beautiful about all of our social media is the fact that we can share many different things of beauty and interest. Many different formats, many different interactions and many different links to the world. Having those links to the world is very special to me and everyone that works in the bookstore, so that even if we never see your face in person, we know you cared, we had a moment, we shared pieces of human existence.

Because you care, we happy dance.




~Rebecca Robinson

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