why poetry matters

On April 22 we will be holding a poetry night celebrating local authors and their work along with National Poetry Month.  Please feel free to join us, but in the meantime why not try some poetry? Yes I know it can be intimidating, sometimes confusing, and often intimidating. But I promise with a little effort and time you will find beautiful works that touch your soul.


My suggestions:

The Essential Rumi compiled by Coleman Barks


Probably my favorite poet, his voice, image, and views on life make for a moving and inspiring set of poems to stir the heart.

The Complete Poems and Songs of Robert Burns

The Complete Poems and Songs of Robert Burns

If you love Scottish literature, culture, heritage, history and everything in between then Bobby Burns is the man to read. Written in the Scottish dialect it gives one an intimate understanding of Scotland in the 18th century and a respect for those still speaking in the dialect and slang that existed so long ago.

The Brownings: Elizabeth and Robert


Both were excellent and creative writers for their time and their intense love added much fuel to their writings. “How do I love thee” is probably Elizabeth’s most famous work and is one of my personal favorites.

If that doesn’t convince you think of poetry as a new way in expressing the soul. If music is what the soul sounds like maybe poetry is what we can’t say in traditional writings. Sips, not gulps of beauty and prose. You might also consider these arguments.

Happy Reading!

~Rebecca Robinson


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