Mother’s Day Books

Here is our list for great mother’s day books we have about the store.

For the Mom with a Sense of Humor

Reasons My Kid is Crying

Relive the pain you caused your mother through hilarious meme-style book full of laughs for all parent’s and children alike. It will either make you nostalgic for your own, or for your children’s youth, or possibly add to your anxiety of parenthood (we are sorry if this happens).

Bossy Pants

Part biography and part gigle fest, a grea read for the beach, park, or evening relaxation, most moms will get a good laugh at the growing-up antics of Tina Fey.

 For Moms that Love Literature

The Goldfinch

Number 1 best seller for a few months now, this modern classic has taken the literary world by storm.











Signature of All Things

Liz Gilbert’s latest work, a beautiful and poignant, this story takes the reader on a global journey through the world of plants.

Happy Reading!

~Rebecca Robinson


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