Zombies come to Fort Collins

Below is a blog from local Author Jason Bovberg about his new book, Blood Red. If you would like to share something for our blog, please e-mail us at: oldfirehousebooks@gmail.com.

Happy Reading!

~Rebecca Robinson


The Apocalypse Comes to Fort Collins!
by Jason Bovberg


We all have post-apocalyptic imaginings. In our darker moments, we consider doomsday scenarios. Worldwide catastrophes. The end of the world! We can’t help it. We’re well read, and our brains like to take ideas to their furthest, and sometimes most pessimistic, end points. Perhaps it’s our way of dealing with an ever-changing world—whether it’s global warming, or political unrest, or even the onslaught of ebooks in the face of our beloved physical books.

Zombies are hot! From Dawn of the Dead to The Walking Dead to World War Z, zombies just don’t seem to want to go away. They want to shamble around for a while. But as much as we enjoy these living-dead diversions, we’ve always watched them devour braaaaains from a remove. Their stories have occurred in far-off places: Atlanta, New York, Eastern Europe. We’ve always felt relatively safe here in pristine Fort Collins, Colorado. Our town is consistently listed among the safest and most beautiful places to live a life. We occupy a colorful mile-high oasis, and there’s no way anything horrific could ever happen here. Right?

Not anymore. In my new book Blood Red, I decided to infest Fort Collins with the living dead. Please don’t hold that against me. It had to be done.

Every time I visit Old Town, I feel myself overcome by the pleasure of my surroundings. Everything is so inviting; everyone is cool. Listening to evening concerts in the square, enjoying bangers and mash and a green chile ale at Coopersmith’s, grabbing a salted caramel cone at Kilwin’s, browsing the new titles at Old Firehouse … it’s all too perfect. Top all that off with the knowledge that Old Town itself was the inspiration for Disneyland’s Main Street, and you have a setting ripe for the apocalypse.

Blood Red_Final

So I felt the need to destroy Old Town Fort Collins—in fact, all of Fort Collins. In Blood Red, you’ll see Old Town decimated by fallen aircraft, you’ll see familiar buildings consumed by roaring flames, you’ll see twitching corpses lining our streets … you know, the ones with the parking spaces down the center. You’ll careen down College and east on Prospect toward the hospital. You’ll witness screaming hysteria among the few survivors.

(Why have they survived? Would YOU survive?)

Most important, Blood Red—the first of a trilogy set here in town—fills Fort Collins with the undead. And these aren’t your typical undead. These are monsters you’ve never seen before. They’re unprecedented and weird. They bring a new sense of mystery to an often clichéd genre. They’re guaranteed to creep you out. Nothing about them will be as it seems.

So strap yourself in, and get ready for the streets of Fort Collins to run red with blood—at least in this fun, real-time, apocalyptic burst of fiction. Blood Red is on sale now at Old Firehouse Books, and its author (that’s me!) will be onsite, signing the book in October, just in time for Halloween!


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