Why Moleskines are the BESTEST EVER

Here at the bookstore we not only devour books but many of us are into the process of writing them as well, along with doodling, writing poetry, thoughts, ideas, or budgeting out our money. Which sounds weird until we let you in on the little secret that Moleskines rock, and they become the perfect tool for all creative and intelligent ventures. They also were supposedly used by Van Gogh and Picasso (this is up for debate). And no moles are harmed in the process of making them, they’re just boring old oil cloth.

Uses include but are not limited to:

  • Writing poetry
  • Writing stories
  • Writing a diary
  • doodling
  • making an art book
  • designing logos
  • using as a travel journal
  • using to keep track of purchases
  • fashion design
  • idea book
  • journal of daily activities
  • baby book notes
  • shopping lists
  • take class notes

What is great is that moleskines come in many sizes to suit your needs, and are well made so they can stand up to months or even years of ware (I’ve had mine 2 years and it has survived traveling through Europe for 2.5 months and daily school use and looks great!)

They also come in a wide array of colors to suit any taste.

Oh and the paper is as functional, thick and perfect as you want, along with feeling great to the touch!

here are some examples of art and animation that has been done on moleskines.

tumblr_n63pbtClMS1qe9xojo1_500 tumblr_mzw6pbk0yt1ruwhgbo1_500 tumblr_n5jgudCj2G1qav2p9o2_r1_500

moleskinenotebook tumblr_n8vpqjXIuH1qbvyrlo1_500


~Rebecca Robinson


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