Let Your Geekdom Shine

We all have loves and passions that we may share with the world, and some of us hide it from the world. We are sometimes unsure of how other will recieve our fandom, or obsession, or that weird thing you do in the middle of the night (role play games, video games, painting hearts on everything).

For me most visible claim to fandom is the Harry Potter tattoo I sport on my left leg. I share the same design with my two younger sisters. They are of the 3 stars on the book pages in Harry Potter, 3 stars, 3 sisters, 3 tattoos all got together before they moved away for college. It reminds me of them when I miss them, and it reminds me of our childhood together reading and sharing Harry Potter (and also fighting over who got to read it first when a new book came out). It reminds me of summers reading stacks of books on our family ranch in Wyoming. Of the Harry Potter sheets and halloween costumes and going to movie premiers.

Now if you go to my house you’ll see the signs of geekdom. Which means Charlie Chaplin posters, books everywhere, a Star Wars poster, a crocheted Totoro and Hobbes. If you go through my costumes from past Halloweens you’ll find complete outfits for the Princess Bride, Hogwarts Gryffindor Uniform, Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, and in progress costumes for Lord of the Rings.

Of course I am maybe not as avid as others, but the idea is that if you love something and you want to do extreme things out of respect or admiration of that thing, then go for it!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Cosplay as a favorite book/movie character

Have a theme wedding around your favorite books/series/movie

Having a Snape character officiate was Meredith’s favorite major detail.

Have a book themed birthday with a beautiful cake!

Bookish Cake...best cake ever

Embrace your love of teen books this next Halloween, rock your inner Katniss.

Or even live in your favorite story

Real-life Houses That Look Like They Belong in the Shire

Make jewelry from your favorite book covers, then you can take it with you everywhere.

Happy Reading and geeking!

~Rebecca Robinson


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