Things about the store, that you might not know.

You may be a frequent visitor, but what you might not know about our little bookstore might surprise you. Here is a list of little facts.


1. The firehouse was built between 1881-1882

Once a firehouse to serve the community of Fort Collins this bulding is now 133 years old. With the extention on the east side dating to 1901, or 113 years old. The firehouse originally used horse-drawn fire wagons, with our children’s room serving as a stable. The firemen used the upstairs as living quarters, and used the fire pole that is now part of Happy Lucky’s.

2. The town jail was right next door.

You can still see the bars on the windows of what was once the jail of Fort Collins. It now serves as a back room to Happy Lucky’s. At one time there was a tunnel under the buildings, leading to what is now the Silver Grill, so as to bring food back and forth between the jail. At one point a prisoner tried to escape through this tunnel and was shot and killed. It is rumored his ghost still haunts us today.

3. Mainstreet Disneyland is modeled on us

The firehouse on mainstreet disney is based on our beloved building. Note the red brick, spindles and tower.

4. We’ve been here since 2009

 In April we celebrated our fifth anniversary in the firehouse. Before then we were known as the Book Rack, and our owners, Susan Wilmer and Richard Sommerfield, have had bookstores in this area and Southern Wyoming for over 25 years!

5. We want your books

Wonder how we get used books in? We get them from our great customers! We take in used books for our shelves while giving our customers credit. This credit works like a coupon to get great deals on books, 50% off our used book price (which is like getting them at 75% off retail) and 10% off new books!

6. You get 5% back on everything

Every purchase you make goes to what we call a “$5 reward”. Which means that every $100 you spend in our store, you get $5 to spend on anything you would like. All that’s requred is your name and a phone number in our account system. It’s our way of thanking customers for coming back.

7. We want you to find the books you want

We really pride ourselves in helping you find the book you want, even if we don’t have it in stock. Enquire anytime and we’ll give you tips and answers to track down what you want. We can also put a hold on books for when a used copy comes in.

8. We love to hear what you have to say

In the spirit of free speech and interactions with customers we love to hear about what you’re reading, what you think of our shop, what you want to see more of and what events you want to come to. We can’t always promise a solution but we love to listen. If you send us book reviews sometimes we’ll share them here!

9. Our events help us meet the community

We love holding events for our loyal readers. From khaled hosseini to Margaret Coel we always are trying to bring in great writers for our customers and the community.

10. You can order on our website

Yep. Just head on over to and check it out. Search thousands of titles we don’t have on our shelves, that we can easily order in for you at little or no extra cost for in store pickup.

Happy Reading and Shopping!

~Rebecca Robinson


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