Wait What?


Well it’s about time we have a party to celebrate our favorite wizards and witches with young fans!


On October 24th, 2014 at 6pm we will be hosting a Harry Potter Halloween party for young witches and wizards (ages 8-12 roughly). There will be refreshments, games, crafts and more for the little magical ones who are encouraged to dress as their favorite characters! Tickets are $12 (there will only be 25 available) and go on sale Monday September 15th. Please call us at 970-484-7898 or email us at oldfirehousebooks@gmail.com with any questions. Otherwise, stop on by starting Monday for your tickets!

Also, stay tuned for a DIY blog coming up on how we put together the party, it will be full of links and ideas to celebrate with your own party!


Happy Reading! We hope to see you there!

~Rebecca Robinson