Literary Halloween Costumes

If you’re like me, you start planning Halloween costumes years in advance, and have a list of costumes year after year that you want to pull off. I already know next year I plan to make my boyfriend a Cyrano De Bergerac costume and I will play his Roxanne.


Yet, alas we are in 2014 still so I should explain that this year we are doing Gandalf the Grey and I will play a female Hobbit complete with giant hairy feet slippers.  This has to do with him being 6’4″ and I am a mere 5’2″ so it as if he sort of towers over me as Gandalf would…

dancing gandalf

Oh and a few years ago we went Princess Bride style and did costumes from the movie/book. That’s me in the costume. I decided to have “autumn colored hair” that year as Buttercup is said to have had in the book!


We also fought a T-rex that year…


The best part of making Literary costumes is that it is the perfect chance to pretend to be your favorite book character. To put all the pieces together and be someone you adore for a whole day…or a few days, if you please.

Such as pretending to be Ginny Weasley for Harry Potter book and movie releases…

gryffindor and which I will be wearing for our party in a few weeks…

What’s fun is also hoping people get who you are, maybe from the movie, maybe from the book, and when they do you make a connection!

Think about dressing up as the Madeline team, with your heard of small children.


Or Max and friends from Where The Wild Things Are


So why not try some this year, I guarantee you won’t regret it. For More ideas check out this list by Buzz Feed and poke around the Pinterest for the right one!

Happy Haunting, Reading, Sewing, Crafting…fall activities!

~Rebecca Robinson

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