Book Seller Christmas

Books make us giddy.

Go figure.

So this weekend is the Mountain and Plains Independent Bookseller Association’s annual Fall Discovery Show. Which means we get to meet all the really great publisher’s the make books happen, that help us know about the books that we should read, that then in turn bring great author’s for us to meet and have sign books and the best part….

the very best part….

is that we get many many many free books!

As if we didn’t have enough on our to-read stack.

Now we have about 20-100 more to add.

However, this makes us all very happy and joyous and overwhelmed with a little spark in our heart for the love of books, and writers, and other indie stores.


We also have a bit of a hangover the next day when the living room is covered in paper’s and there is stuff everywhere we forget receiving, and we’re tired…and can’t believe what all happened the day or days before. So we all kind of flop, and smile, because we just had bookseller Christmas!


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