2014 was our best year, and it’s because of you!

thank you

2014 was our best year ever and 2013 was our best year ever before that!

Meaning we have had steady and consistent growth the last few years, coming out of the recession and establishing ourselves as a strong and community supported Indie Bookstore! WOOT!

And of course, as much work as us employees put into everything the real reason we thrive is because of our wonderful, dedicated, supportive and loyal customers! Those customers that wait a whole extra week to get a book that we have to order and don’t crumble and go to Barnes&Noble or Amazon. Those customers that bring us their tired, cold and weary books to resell and share with others. Those customers that buy books for all their holiday shopping to share with everyone they know. Those customers that give out our gift cards to their children, nieces, nephews and friends. Those customers that come to events and read avidly in order to meet authors they know through the book. Those customers/authors and organizations that work with us and comes to us for events, support and notoriety. Those that just come in every week to browse and adopt a new book. Those that have stayed with us through all the years with little purchases when they can raid the penny bank. Those children that scrape all the change from the couch and dryer in order to buy a title they’ve been waiting months for. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU each and every one of you! We know you don’t have to spend your hard earned money on books, but we are so glad that you do!

2015 we expect will turn out to be even better.

THANK YOU and happy reading!

~Rebecca Lee Robinson

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