My Neil Gaiman Book Signing Adventure

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A couple of weeks ago, I attended a Neil Gaiman book signing.

And. It. Was. Epic!

16464868382_44a3911f73_kIt all began when a friend posted about the event on Facebook. At first, I hesitated because 1) the signing landed on a work day, 2) it was at Old Firehouse Books in Fort Collins (about an hour and a half north of where I live), and 3) I didn’t want to go alone…yep, I’m a scaredy cat who likes someone to hold her hand when she’s out of her element.

My resistance, however, crumbled when my friend solved two of my three dilemmas: he offered both company and a ride. I happily scheduled the day off of work and spent the next two weeks preparing myself to meet one of the most influential, inspiring, and creative authors around.

Yes. An adventure…

Dear God! I had no idea the book signing would be such an adventure. I completely underestimated Neil Gaiman’s popularity.

The epic day began…

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