Book Madness!!!

From time to time, our staff can get pretty competitive about books– whose staff pick sold more copies? who can come up with the best recommendation? who reads the most? This is never more true than March each year, when Out of Print Clothing unleashes BOOK MADNESS!


Based on basketball’s March Madness, this competition pits beloved titles against each other, and only one can reign supreme! Complete your bracket by this Sunday to participate, then spend the next weeks voting to get your top choice to #1!

out of print display

If you’ve visited our store recently, you know that we are BIG fans out Out of Print Clothing. Their t-shirts let you show your pride for a favorite book or author, just like you would a favorite band. We sell a wide variety of their t-shirts and tote bags, and we place special orders, too! Not to mention, our prices are always lower than what you’d find online.

books for africa

As if this could get any sweeter, with each piece of Out of Print gear you buy, they donate a book to Books for Africa! It’s a great company for a great cause, and Old Firehouse Books is proud to support them.


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