Customer Love- or how to buy more books for less money!

Here at Old Firehouse Books all of us employees spend too much money on books. No joke. One look at our account history can leave us a little queasy. We read a lot, we buy all our books here, we buy all our books and gifts for our friend’s here.


BUT we get a lot for a little money, and not just because of our employee discounts, we all utilize our other in-store programs.We also love our customers and want to make sure they can come back again and again. Because we get how a love of reading can REALLY add up.

Spend $100, get $5. Sign up for an account with us and for every $100 you spend (before taxes) you get $5 off on your next purchase. Which is kind of like getting 5% back on everything. Nothing is excluded from this either, spend it on new books, gifts, used books, greeting cards, mugs, t-shirts, anything in store! Also, the account is very easy to sign up for, just give us your name and phone number or email, and tell us your name every time you are in. No cards to carry, or emails to worry about.


Trade Credit. Bring us those books you don’t want anymore and get some extra savings. If we can take the titles you bring in you will get 25% of the cover price in a credit pool on your account. You can then pull from that pool for an extra 50% off of used books (our sticker price), or 10% off of new books. It’s a little confusing, but believe us, you can save big! Some customers have hundreds in trade credit, and over time they use it all up. You can also bring back the books you buy from it and send them through the system again for another reader. You get money back to save, and we get to pass them on. By bringing us trade, we can keep selling used titles, and you can keep saving.


Reserve Used. Did you know you can reserve used books? Just give us your name and we’ll put you on a waiting list for when the next used copy comes in. This way you might never have to buy a new book ever again! Meaning you save at least 50% on each title you buy from us!


Blind Dates. Right now we have a program going where you can pick up an Advanced Reader Copy Book and take it home for FREE. We ask that you enjoy the book, and maybe write us a guest review if you have time. Otherwise, enjoy, and come back and see us again!


Happy Reading!

~Rebecca Lee Robinson


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