Book Fashion

If you are a nerd like most of us at the bookstore, you probably love to express your literary love in your everyday life. Whether it’s through awesome motivational posters of favorite quotes or through the clothes you wear on a daily basis. Book love is a marvelous thing to express.

We of course carry some wonderful and fashionable items in the form of clothing and tote bags from Out of Print and Miles To Go! You can check out some of those marvelous items on their websites and then stop on by to see what we have about.

For those of you wanting more than t-shirts, sweaters and tote bags…(let’s face it those are vital, but we understand) check out some of these marvelous creations!

Wuthering Heights Dress on


Paper Dress, vintage from 1967 on Etsy!


Alice in Wonderland Dress on Etsy!


Harry Potter Varsity Jacket on Etsy!


The Hobbit skirt on etsy!


Book Lover Skirt on Etsy


Happy Shopping!


Rebecca Lee Robinson


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