Dana Perino to Visit Old Firehouse Books

On Mother’s Day 2015, Old Firehouse Books will welcome Dana Perino to the store! Dana Perino will be signing books at the Old Firehouse location, 232 Walnut Street in Fort Collins, CO, on Sunday, May 10th starting at 1pm.

Dana Perino is a Fox News Contributor and co-host of one of the most popular shows on cable television, “The Five”. She was the first Republican woman to serve as the White House Press Secretary, and served for over seven years in the administration of George W. Bush, including at the Department of Justice after the terrorist attacks on 9/11. Now Dana Perino adds “author” to her long list of accomplishments as she celebrates the release of her memoir And the Good News Is…: Lessons and Advice from the Bright Side.


The signing will begin at 1pm on May 10th and will last as long as necessary to give all attendees a chance to meet Dana Perino. Each group attending must purchase one copy of And the Good News Is… from Old Firehouse Books before meeting Dana Perino.


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