I adore Liz Gilbert and I’m not afraid to announce it and share her books with my customers. Because every single one has left me thinking, dreaming and more inspired than the last.


Her style is elegant, and her creativity is honest. There are flaws in what she writes and how, but when you look at the whole picture of what she has created, it’s beautiful. You lose track of individual brush strokes and you see the full creation as a marvelous journey through life.


Many know Eat, Pray, Love her hit memoir that struck a chord with so many in the world to be okay with starting something new and finding their peace.


Her novels and non-fiction before and after also leave one with wonder and curiosity about the world and a spark to explore new depths of one’s being.

Then finally, we have Big Magic which premieres in September is an inspiring how-to guide on living creatively and ignoring the all-consuming fear that can live in each of us.


I adore Elizabeth Gilbert because of her benevolence in writing, her social media accounts and her spirit of sharing the light that so many selfishly hold to themselves. She shares her secrets, her fears, and her struggles in the hopes someone else can get a hand up from knowing. It’s part of a culture of inspiration that is pushing me forward as a creative person. I hope some of you feel the same!

Happy Reading,

Rebecca Lee Robinson