Outlandish Companion (Outlander)- Why You Have to Buy This Book!

The book is Outlandish Companion, by Diana Gabaldon,  which for many readers is enough information to run to the nearest bookstore.  I am continually amazed at how many and how loyal her readers are, although I was hooked on the first book.  But this is a reprint, so why do people need to buy this book?  If you do not have a copy of the first edition you will have trouble getting a copy.  Those of us who read Diana Gabaldon tend to hang on to the books.  The series is continually growing and it is easy to forget exact details.  This book is invaluable for that problem since it contains full synopses of the first four books, a complete listing of characters, genealogy, and several essays about eighteenth century medicine and magic.  All written by Diana.  Bliss.

The new edition also has a discussion of the TV show and Diana’s usual digressions which remain part of her charm for her readers.  One of my Facebook friends follows the TV show and is great about passing on the posts.  She also posts from Diana’s web site when there are new snippets.  And every time Diana posts, the raves from her fans runs pages and pages.  There is a large number of people waiting to read the next book from the Outlander series.  What shocks me is the number of people who follow up the sentence “I love these books!”  with “I found it at the book sale for 50 cents”.  People, buying the book used may show how thrifty you are, but the author earns nothing on a used book.  You are bragging that you not paying the author for their hard work.  At the very least this is less than tactful.  If these people do love Diana Gabaldon’s work at much as they brag, then they should want to support here and encourage her.  Praise is always very nice, but we are a capitalist people and money goes a long way to impress authors and publishers.  When you purchase a book new, some one in New York is registering that sale.  They pay attention.  Now it is true that Diana Gabaldon is a big enough author, that the publishers are eager to publish any thing she writes.  Still, numbers shout loud to the publishers.  And I will follow up to say where you buy the books counts, too.  Books bought from Amazon just are books bought from Amazon.  Books bought from an independent bookstore show the publishers that they have readers in Fort Collins.  And when the publishers tour authors, they look at sales history, first last and always.  So if you like to meet authors, buy your books at an independent bookstore.  And if you like Diana Gabaldon buy this book!


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