secrets of booksellers (shhh don’t tell)

In some ways we seem like experts on books, us little booksellers here at Old Firehouse. Some of us are better than others, some read more than others, some have their sole section, others jump around the store. So in ways we may know a lot, and other ways a little, but I guarantee we all know something about a thing or two. So even though we know, we also have weird moments and habits much like the rest of you.

1. We have a hard time knowing what to read next. 

Yes we have plenty of books to choose from at any given moment, yet we have MOODS when we really want to read something but can’t find the fit… or want to read twenty things all at the same time. We often have too many choices all around, too many things to read at home, on our hold shelf, on the bookshelves…it is very hard you all, very hard.

2. We haven’t read everything in the store

This might be obvious, but no we have not read every book in the store. I am sorry.

3. Sometimes we don’t read as much as we should/could/want to

Some of us work three jobs, or also go got school full time, so our Murakami and Austen sometimes have to wait for us a while.

I miss reading for fun….

4. We may not like the same books as you.

I know you really love Asimov, that’s wonderful and great! Please buy some! I just don’t know much about SciFi. I am sorry, truly, because I hear he is great!

5. We are huge dorks about the literature we love

All I will say is that two of us have tattoos in reference to written works

You could say we drool over things

6. We think reading is the most important of all hobbies

I will blame a certain relationship for not working because he didn’t read.



7. We want to talk about our favorites

Yes you may be in a hurry, but you REALLY just need to know how beautiful The Signature of All Things is. Oh you’re bleeding from the ears? that’s okay, take two minutes to listen about my love of….oh yeah sorry, I got carried away there.

However, if you love talking books, please feel free to get chatting with us. (or join one of our clubs!)

8. We really want you to read the books we suggest

and if you don’t that’s okay…we’ll get over it.. (again we get obsessed)

we may just need a minute…

9. We get pretty excited when you buy a good book, rather than one we deem unworthy.

We won’t go into specifics. We’ll just say you get a silent round of applause.

10. We have a hard time leaving our books (when we get to read) in the morning to go to work

Self-explanatory really, we just sometimes really want to just read…and read…

I’m pretty sure my boyfriend has done this to me…

Happy Reading!

~Rebecca Robinson


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