30 Day Reading Challenge- Day 22

DAY 22. – Least favourite plot device employed by way too many books you actually
enjoyed otherwise.

The strong female character that doesn’t end up doing much.

I love that we are talking about feminine characters and having strong female leads in stories, especially for young readers. Yet I often find they fall short. Often the strong female character doesn’t do a lot, doesn’t grow, and is often very shallow. As if girls and woman aren’t as complex as males? Anyway, I think the problem is that many authors just don’t know what to do with a female character so she becomes a puppet that is strung along from place to place, but she doesn’t do much. Which is almost as bad as not having her in there at all.

So my request: Don’t make female characters Manic Pixie Dream Girls, and don’t make the props, puppets, space holders or 2-dimensional characters. Give them depth and quirks, but don’t make them a stereotype. Because in all reality, who do we know that is ACTUALLY a full-fledged stereotype?


Rebecca Lee Robinson


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