This summer, Old Firehouse Books wants you to challenge yourself and read more nonfiction! A lot of our customers are dedicated fiction fans, but have often expressed to us a desire to try more nonfiction. So in honor of that quest, I’ve put together a list of great nonfiction titles that are perfect for someone looking to read something factual, without losing the benefit of a great story.
(For this next part could you include the cover image of each book and a link to our online store? I’ve included the ISBN for your convenience)
“The story of two men’s obsessions with the Chicago World’s Fair, one its architect, the other a murderer.” Erik Larson has always been praised for his ability to make history feel like a thriller, and The Devil in the White City might be the best example of that. This book also inspired my unfulfilled wish to time travel to 1893 to attend the Chicago World’s Fair (but I’d go as a man so I wouldn’t get murdered).
This book is incredible! I can’t believe how much it made me care about beanie babies, and I talked about them so much I think I was starting to make my boyfriend nervous that I’d come home with a big crate of the little cloth guys sometime. This book is great for anyone interested in sociology, business, or just those of us who still remember this nutty 90’s craze.
Heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time, Infidel is the life story of Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Ali was raised in a traditional Muslim household in Somalia under often appalling conditions, but has since risen to Dutch Parliament and serves as an activist for Muslim women everywhere. 
Since you’re reading this (a bookstore blog), I assume you’re in that strange category of people that straddles the space between digital and print reading. You’re not alone! But what effect will digital reading have on our minds? Well, according to Nicholas Carr, it’s not too good. This book might be depressing, but it’s definitely worth checking out.
~Kelsey Myers

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