We’ve Gone to the Dogs!

Old Firehouse is going to the dogs.

Well kind of.

This summer we are celebrating our love of pups, and man’s best friend (sorry cat lovers) and the greatness that they hold in our lives. If you want some great “for the love of dog” books, check out these titles.

Dash by Kirby Lawson

  • a story of friendship by Newberry Honor-Winning author Kirby Lawson. Mitsi and her family are sent to a confinement camp during WWII, where Mitsi has to leave her beloved dog Dash behind. Will the best friends be united again?


James Herriot’s Dog Stories

  • The world’s favorite vet tells stories of man’s best friend full of humor, love and adventure.81rMZqf+YFL

Menswear Dog by David Fung & Yena Kim

  • Laugh out loud to a mock men’s dogswear catalog, as funny and strange as you think it would be, this book is a genius coffee table (or bathroom) book to entertain guests!


Dog Songs by Mary Oliver

  • Beautiful poetry about why dogs are truly the best!


Unlikely Heroes by Jennifer S. Holland

  • Tales of dogs and other beasts and their amazing ability to save one another, humans and other creatures in this world of ours.

91gfTpprdOLA Dog is a Dog: And that’s why he’s so special by Clarice Rutherford

  • The title explains it, but this guide goes through the love of dogs and how to be their human.


Come by the store to see more!

Happy Reading!


Rebecca Robinson


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