Beat the Heat at Old Firehouse and Happy Lucky’s!

Living in Fort Collins you may soon realize that the heat can rise to miserable levels. You may also know that many place don’t have air conditioning which can make the summer even harder, especially as we approach the extra heat that sometimes comes with August.

To hide from the heat and feel more comfortable, come visit us!


Come to our cool and air-conditioned store and find your next read!

Then step next door to the tea house for their glorious iced teas and lemonade. They will keep you cool and happy in a delightful and pleasant atmosphere that can’t be missed.

Beautiful almond #matcha from Happy Lucky's! =)

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In case we’re not enough to amuse you, check out other stores around Old Town and do our Where’s Waldo Hunt (only 4 days left) and find where Waldo is hiding in 26 different air-conditioned stores!



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