Tips for Organizing Your Book Hoard

We are all book hoarders here at the store. Regardless of if we meant to be that way, we all own a lot of books! Like insane. Our To-Read Piles reach to scary heights and take up too much room and the books we’ve read take over as much if not more. We love our books, like little children and it’s hard to always know how to organize the masses.

Well, books don’t organize themselves. So it is up to us to make sense of the mess. Which some ways work better for others.

For myself, I do a few things.

1. I have a book case that is JUST to-read. And it sits in my living room to remind me to read more, and not buy anything else- which kind of works….I also am making rules. If a book sits for more than a year without being read it gets considered for getting kicked out (returned to work) and/or passed onto another friend or family member to read.This works okay. Granted working at a bookstore that often has a lot of FREE books for me to adopt can create bad hoarding habits.

(I also keep friends on there)

2. I have a case of non-fiction books that I have read. Including and not limited to- travel books, biographies, and history books from college. These are organized by subject and then by author or chronology. So, my history books are by time period, biography by subject and travel books by region.

3. Then I have my final fiction case that is all my favorite fictions, poetry and theater works. Organized by subject and then author.

Why all the organization?


Seriously, Melvil Dewey had it together with his system of organizing libraries and if you like to find things by name, easily, this is how you should too!

Of course….some co-workers may disagree. Come back this week for more book-seller tips on organizing the hoard!


Rebecca Lee Robinson


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