Did YOU find Waldo?

Throughout the month of July, little Waldo figurines were hiding in local businesses all around Fort Collins! Here he is at Halley’s Comics.hiding at haleys comics

Over 150 Waldo seekers hunted high & low in Old Town to find our little friend! These businesses were voted the top 3 Easiest Places to Find Waldo:
1 – Every Nook & Cranny tied with the Bean Cycle
2 – Akinz
3 – Halley’s Comics tied with Kansas City Kitty

These businesses were voted the top 3 Hardest Places to Find Waldo:
1 – Thamel Imports
2 – Al’s Newsstand
3 – Curiosities tied with the Lyric Cinema Cafe

On July 31st we hosted a big Waldo Party to raffle off prizes for the Waldo Seekers! Waldo himself even showed up! After the event, Waldo stopped by some of our favorite Old Town businesses. Did you spot Waldo while he was in town?

bean cycFirst he went to the Bean Cycle for a fresh cup of coffee! It’s very important for Waldo to stay alert during his travels.


After that, Waldo swung by Kansas City Kitty to check out the latest fashions. Not that he would ever part with his red & white striped shirt…

ofb front door

But of course, Waldo was most excited to hunt for his books at the Old Firehouse! See where else Waldo went and then stop by our store to find a Waldo book of your own!


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