Book Lovers are also Pet Lovers

At Old Firehouse, when we’re not selling books or reading, we are also loving on our pet friends!

Each of us has a slightly different pet story and each pet has a different reaction to our book hoarding.

Rebecca: We (my boyfriend and I) just adopted our little kitty, Han Solo, and he gets rather jealous of our book reading at my house. He has found getting in our faces as we read, laying on the books, and chewing on the corners as effective means to get our attention.

First of many #kitty and me #selfies #kitty #kitten #cat #meow #hanSoloTheCat

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Robin: Robin’s cat Storm is 15 years old and her best bud. He gets a little pushy when Robin reads and likes to try and remove the book from her hands and likes to lay on books, reading glasses, reading lights and anything else.

unnamed (1)

Kelsey: Has her cute little Hedehog, Eureka, that loves to cuddle in her lap while she makes her way through book journeys! They also call her the Fart Dog- Eureka!


Tara: This is Tara’s best furry friend, Robin. He’s a border collie mix and a rescue dog. When he was a puppy, vets said he’d never run due to his bad hips, but thankfully his limited vocabulary kept him from taking the news to heart – due in part to physical therapy, and a forever youthful spirit, chasing squirrels and running around the dog park are his absolute favorite pastimes, in addition to herding his humans and barking at delivery trucks. While he is sadly illiterate, and as a result prefers watching Game of Thrones to reading it, he is more than happy to curl up and keep his human’s feet warm as they read.unnamed (2)

Renee: Here’s my baby, Fai, often called Catface or Fai Flakes with the utmost affection. Anytime I sit down to read, Fai steadily makes her way from my lap to my stomach to my chest and, at last, right up on my shoulder. She gets really into my reading, if you catch my meaning. But of course, I can’t ever say no to her, so I just have to deal.

1024091347aIMG_0062 (1)

Allison: Boethiah is a princess of the lair of Allison. Always ornery and only a little malicious Bo definitely has a personality that could be a character in its own book.

World's Next Top Model Cat

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Susan: Her dog Bianca is quite the princess! A friendly pup she enjoys snuggles, time at home with mom and dad (Susie and Dick) and walks through the book store to say hello to the employees. She’s also a wiggle wort and can’t sit still for a decent photo!

2015-07-31 (6)

Happy reading and pet cuddles!


Rebecca Lee Robinson


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