Reviews of: Trust No One by Paul Cleave

Kelsey Myers-

Jerry is a crime writer. He is a father & husband. He is a sufferer of early-onset Alzheimer’s. And he may be a serial killer. As Jerry’s disease causes him to lose his mind a bit more each day, he becomes more and more desperate to discover the truths hidden in his past before it is too late. A fantastic premise and overall a great thriller, this won’t be the last Paul Cleave book I read!

Teresa Steele-

Jerry Grey is famous for his alter ego, pseudonym Henry Cutter, author of several bestselling crime novels. When Jerry is diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s, both Jerry and Henry are forced to accept that writing is no longer an option. As the disease progresses, Jerry starts to confess that all the books are based on actual crimes he committed; because as is his motto write what you know, and fake the rest. Jerry tries to convince family, friends, anyone who will listen really, that he is telling the truth and he needs to be punished for these crimes. Yet Henry doesn’t quite believe it, after all he should remember committing those crimes if he wrote about them, right? Paul Cleave has written a wonderful twisty novel about how far one will go to find the truth, even when you cannot remember. Will highly recommend!


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