Review of “In the Language of Miracles” by Rajia Hassib

“Samir and Nagla Al-Menshawy are living the American Dream. Samir has a successful medical practice, they have a house in an upscale suburb of Jersey, best friends with the family next door and three children growing up with the privileges they could only dream about in Egypt. At the age of eighteen their oldest child, Hosaam, begins to exhibit more than just teenage angst; forcing Samir and Nagla to confront his behavior but the2 find no answers. When a harrowing event claims the lives of Hosaam, and the neighbors’ daughter, the Al-Menshawy’s dream is forever changed. Rather than finding solace and strength in one another, Samir tries to become more “American”; Nagla turns to anger and what ifs; Khaled immerses himself in hobbies and friendships; and Fatima begins to explore religion.

I devoured this book, falling in love with the characters and the poignant story . Any reader who can relate to a tale about finding oneself, even during tragedy, will fall in love with this book. Rajia Hassib has written a stunning debut novel that explores the bonds of family, the throes of grief, and the ability to alter your dreams into something spectacularly different.

~Teresa Steele

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