How I organize my books…
With half my books in storage I still have five shelves worth of books filling my room. I get teased a lot for book hoarding, but it’s one of the perils of being a bibliophile in a bookstore. Right now I have one full shelf that is my current To Read pile. Don’t judge. The rest of my shelves are organized by genre. I like to organize this way because when I’m on the hunt for a new read it often boils down to a specific feel or mood which I’m craving. Adventure? I visit my sci-fi shelf. Something somber? Maybe a classic will hit the spot. Something light I can breeze though quickly? Sounds like a job for a teen read. There are a few authors that cross genres, and that can mean splitting them across shelves, but that doesn’t usually bother me. It’s all about how a book makes me feel.

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