Surviving Adulthood

YAY you’ve made it to college! Congratulations!

You are now in some of the most influential years of your life!
Both in academic and individual changes and growth!

In four years you probably won’t recognize yourself. Which is a GOOD thing! So live it up, embrace it, and love it!

Also, as someone on the other side of their undergrad, and working on a master’s, it can be tough!

REALLY tough.


You will likely experience a quarter life crisis either during or right after you graduate. I’m sorry about this, but this existential crisis is mostly unavoidable. This is ok.

You will probably change your major several times, if not just add majors while you go like I did. This is ok.
You might really screw up some assignments and regret academic decisions on classes, tests, study habits and more. This is also ok.

You might make some questionable lifestyle and clothing choices. This is also ok.

Here’s the #1 thing: learn from all of these moments. Take everything you do and make it a lesson. On life. On being an adult. On being a teen and 20-something. On love. On fashion. On mental health. On creativity.


Here’s the #2 thing for a book lover- READ for yourself. Even if you are swimming in piles of history books like I always was, take time to read a little something for yourself! If you need a suggestion or five, come see me at Old Firehouse Books!

If you need an instant fix, check out Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book, Big Magic! On sale now!


Happy Reading,

Rebecca Lee Robinson


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