Review- Don’t Fail Me Now by Una LaMarche

Michelle has always been the responsible one; raising her two siblings, bailing her mother out of jail (due to drugs), no father to help (he left when she was 7), and just barely making enough money to get by. Leah’s biggest challenge is deciding what college to apply to and how embarrassed she gets when her stepbrother, Tim, serenades her in the prep school cafeteria for her birthday. When Michelle and Leah learn their father is dying, they are thrown together in ways they could never have imagined and they both learn that family breaks color, boundaries, and hearts. A wonderful novel that I devoured, will be highly recommending to those that enjoy John Greene and Jojo Moyes.

~Teresa Steele

What a wonderful book for teens and adults. It handles difficult issues without talking down. And makes you chuckle on the way. The tale becomes the road trip to maturity and the beginning of adult behavior, all the while entertaining and amusing the reader.

~Susie Wilmer

Finally! A book that talks about teen issues, real teen issues, that kids have to deal with! Especially if a parent is an addict, or one is dealing with extreme poverty, or unreliable parents. It’s a complex story full of screwy choices, but the characters don’t really know what else to do. So they hit the open road on a teenage road trip to find pieces of themselves and their family. A good teen read, especially for a deep discussion on what issues REAL TEENS face in this country besides boob size and who’s taking them to the prom!

~Rebecca Robinson


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