Review- The Sisters of Versailles by Sally Christie

What a relief to read a historical novel that uses some fresh material. To my knowledge, there is no other book out there (in English, at least) about the sisters de Nesle, and this was much more interesting than reading yet another book about Anne Boleyn (as much as I do love Anne Boleyn). The chapters alternate between Louise, Marie-Anne, Pauline, and Diane, and interspersed throughout are their letters to each other. Christie admirably handles the distinct voice of each sister, from Louise’s cheerful obliviousness to Pauline’s impatience. Cynical and educated Marie-Anne was probably my favorite. The four alternating points-of-view also kept the book from stagnating and the narrative zipped along in a lovely way. Looking forward to the other two books in this series.

-Allison Senecal