Teresa’s Top 5 Most F*@#’d Up Books

Not so long ago, three Old Firehouse Books employees were talking about books. This obviously wasn’t uncommon for employees of the store, but what was uncommon was the topic of the books they were discussing. All three employees realized that they had a strange taste in books, and that this taste was shared by the other two. While they all enjoyed the occasional happy-ever-after, the three rather preferred books that were a little dark, a little twisted, and a lotf*@#’d up. Believing they were not alone in their preferences, together they formed the F*@#’d Up Book Club, a reading group dedicated to the strange, morose, and just plain weird.

The September selection for the F*@#’d Up Book Club is Big Brother by Lionel Shriver. Like all Old Firehouse Book Clubs, selections are 20% off in the store. The club will meet on Monday, September 28th to discuss the pick.

Before joining the club, get to know a little about the warped tastes of the group’s three founders. Here are Teresa’s Top 5 Most F*@#’d Up Books:

#5 – The Giver by Lois Lowry


“No colors, no memories, no individuality and population control sanctioned by the government; this book still scares me as much as it did when I read it at age 11.”

#4 – Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo


“Forced to communicate by banging his head in Morse code, due to injuries from war that left him with no face or arms or legs, Johnny is a prisoner in his own body. Amazingly horrible anti-war novel that gives me goosebumps.”

#3 – The Lottery by Shirley Jackson


“32 pages of sheer anxiety and dread. What could possibly go wrong with a lottery?”

#2 – The Dogs of Babel by Carolyn Parkhurst


“Woman has dog. Woman dies with dog as the only witness. Widower becomes obsessed with trying to get the dog to tell him what happened anyway he can. Illegal dog experimentation images were forever seared into my mind, absolutely terrifying.”

#1 – Blindness by Jose Saramago


“When a blindness epidemic hits the city, chaos ensues along with the breakdown of society. What is most f*@#’d up about this book is the breakdown of humanity and the utter helplessness you can’t help but feel throughout the entire novel.”

Find out what the other founders of the book club thinks are the ‘Top 5 Most F*@#’d Up Books’! Allison’s list is here and Kelsey’s is here.


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