Review of- Fates and Furies: A Novel by Lauren Groff

Fates and Furies: A Novel by Lauren Groff

Lotto and Mathilde are the envy of everyone they meet; a gorgeous couple, so in love, that everything else fades into oblivion. During the course of their twenty plus marriage Lotto and Mathilde experience loss, deception, wealth, fame, heartache and hidden secrets. Lauren Groff has woven a captivating story that explores the body of a relationship, the heart of a marriage, and the soul of an individual.

~Teresa Steele

‘Fates and Furies’ is the story of Lotto and Mathilde’s remarkable marriage– a marriage defined as much by intense passion as by manipulation and deceit. After just two weeks of courtship, Lotto and Mathilde marry in a flurry of passion, forsaking a fortune and setting off a chain reaction of duplicity. From the outside, theirs seems to be a perfect marriage: living in a seemingly romantic state of poverty, yet rich in their love for each other. But as the story spins forward, the reader slowly unveils a series of events that will leave you stunned. Lauren Groff creates a strip tease of character development, slowly revealing detail by tantalizing detail until you are entranced by the characters she has brought to life. I will highly recommend this book.

~Kelsey Myers


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