Susie’s September Picks

The Desert and the Blade

S.M. Stirling

Wow, S.M Stirling picks up the pace with this latest entry in the
saga.  It is almost as if new energy was shot into the story with the
addition of characters and situations from the book Change, where
other authors were invited to play in Stirling’s universe.  If you
thought the story was slowing down, no more.  The action moves
fluidly, and the characters not only show more energy but are more
interesting.  Well worth the read.

Long Upon the Land
Maragaret Maron

Number twenty in the Debroah Knott series, this is a joy to read.  The
mystery of how her parents got together is explained, as well as the
overt mystery murder, that entangles our heroes.  This book is like
hearing from distant family.  Fun and satisfying.

Sue Grafton

The end is getting closer.  This book goes back in time, to tell a
story of Kinsey in a younger version.  The mystery is complicated and
intriguing.  The characters are interesting.  It is sad to think only
two more books.

In The Dark Places

Peter Robinson

The Alan Banks stories never fail to please.  The mysteries are
complex, but even more the characters are complex and interesting.
Robinson is such a skillful writer that you can pick the books up and
start anywhere.  But starting at the beginning makes the police men
even more interesting.  Aren’t we fortunate that Peter Robinson was
out of work and ended up in Canada in an MFA program.  See, Maggie
Thatcher wasn’t all bad in her impact.

Happy Reading!

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