Banned Book Week

Banned Book Week starts today.

Which you may ask, why talk about banned books?


Whether you may think banning books is good or bad, or that you think there are sometimes reasons to ban books for certain ages or groups.

Event though there are sometimes appropriate limits on reading level and subject, there is also a value to allowing readers young and old to read materials of all kinds to create more rounded individuals.

That is what this week is about. Acknowledging the banning of certain books in the U.S. and abroad, and the importance of protecting freedom of speech.

Many of you have probably read a book that was banned at some point. Or maybe all you read is banned and challenged book. The crazy part is that much of the most important books of all time are the ones that frequently end up on the list.

What are your favorite banned books? why should people read them? how do you fight books being banned?

For a list of banned titles and the reasons behind them check them our here.

Happy Reading,

Rebecca Lee Robinson


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