Review of Illuminae by Amie Kaufman

I was not expecting to LOVE this as much as I did. I was expecting fun with space viruses and some YA romance, which inevitably evolves into a love triangle. WHAT I ACTUALLY EXPERIENCED: SOME TERROR, LOTS OF TEARS, AND A LOVE TRIANGLE BUT ONLY IF YOU KINDA COUNT THE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE UNIT. Stargate meets The Walking Dead, or something.

I loved both protagonists, but I ADORED EZRA. This never happens. I can’t think of too many male protagonists in YA I have adored at this level. Probably because I’m a sucker for the “former jock with a heart of gold, shitty life story, and a pilot’s license” schtick. Sue me. Kady was also amazing and intelligently kick-ass and full of snark and all the other things I usually love about my female protagonists, PLUS she wasn’t in love with a total whackjob. And the secondary characters are SOOOooooo well-fleshed out through DOCUMENTS AND CHATS (so are the mains, for that matter). Fabulous.

YEAH, and the format was fun. The entire narrative is told through military dossiers, chat logs, charts, and graphics. And I cried a lot, so this was obviously an effective mode of storytelling.


~Allison Senecal

WOW! What a wonderful book, romance, action, adventure, and space zombies! What more could you want? I cheered, I cried and did a happy dance at the end. Also, teen girl that saves the day? HELL YEAH! Anyway, I can’t wait to share this with friends, family and customers! I will highly recommend to teen readers and sci-fi/action readers alike. One of my favorites from this year!

~Rebecca Lee Robinson