Review- Princess of Silver Woods by Jessica Day George


I have a theory that the books we read when we are around 11 years old are important, even more so than those we read at other times in our lives.  We are often just beginning to delve into a world of literature that our fourth grade selves would never have understood.  We are maturing, adapting, growing into one genre or another.  Every book we love helps to mold us.

The authors who write for this age have a special job; our future belongs to them.  But I will not fear as long as Jessica Day George has her hand in the mix.  I was an enthusiastic supporter of her fantastic stories when I was in fifth grade.  (Even going so far as to carry one series of three books around with me all the time, always.  I know, I know.  NERD.)  For this reason, I was beyond excited when I was provided with an excuse to read her newest book, Princess of the Silver Woods.

I had admittedly high expectations and wasn’t disappointed in the least.  The story is exactly what it needs to be: exciting, entertaining, cute, creative, and just a little bit dangerous.  The series (beginning with Princess of the Midnight Ball if you are interested) is a clever, intelligent little rewrite of the ‘twelve dancing princesses’ story and is certain to thrill.  I would recommend the series (and others by Jessica Day George) for any young person interested in falling in love with fantasy.

~ Erin MacRitchie, Teen Advisory Board

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