November Titles We’re Anxious For You to Read

Trashed is a small glimpse into the secret world of garbage and the people who collect it. Based loosely on the author’s own experiences, this book is equal parts funny & depressing. Peppered with horrific facts about the staggering amount of waste our culture produces, ‘Trashed’ will make you think twice before dragging your bin to the curb.

– Kelsey

I love fairy tale retellings and Cunningham is a literary master, so this collection should be fantastic. Plus, Yuko Shimizu has done the illustrations, and boy are they gorgeous.


Although I haven’t had a chance to crack the pages yet, I am so excited for the release of The Grownup by Gillian Flynn! As most people know, Flynn is the author of the mega best-seller Gone Girl. While her new book is actually more of a novella, this will be Flynn’s take on the classic haunted house story and I can’t wait to take one home!


The Sea is Ours is an anthology of Southeast Asian-set steampunk stories and I’ve been eagerly anticipating it for MONTHS. If you haven’t checked out other titles from Rosarium, do so, because they are an absolutely amazing small press.


Planetfall is an astounding-looking novel that seems a perfect fit for our current obsession with 3D printing. It’s been getting a ton of early buzz from a lot of genre authors that I trust, including Paul Cornell and Kameron Hurley. Can’t wait to get my hands on this.


As a Russian major and Tolstoy-lover, this sounds perfect. A sprawling epic set in post-World War II Russia, The Big Green Tent is Ulitskaya’s answer to War and Peace and Doctor Zhivago.


I haven’t always loved Stephen King’s novels, but I am a big fan of his short stories. From The Mist to Everything’s Eventual, these little pockets of horror always delight & terrify me. The Bazaar of Bad Dreams is a collection of recent stories that have never before been published in a book. Each story will be introduced by a short passage about its origins or his writing process.



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