Why Everyone (Yes, You) Should Be Giving Teen Books a Try

In case you didn’t notice, we’re in the Golden Age of teen fiction. Crime novels, fantasy novels, romance novels, experimental fiction, time travel novels, horror novels. Any genre you’d find in an adult section, you can find in the teen section. A lot of these teen books have adult content, adult themes, “adult-level” writing (let’s be honest, not all adult books are paragons of great writing), so why are we as a society so dismissive of teen fiction?

On a budget? Toss a few teen titles on your reading list. The typical adult hardcover will run you $23.99-29.99, while a teen hardcover will usually cost around $15.99-18.99. Compare a teen paperback at $8.99-11.99 to an adult paperback at $14.99-16.99!

Half of our staff loves teen books, and we’re extremely vocal about it. Feel free to ask us for recommendations. Someone is always on hand to gush about their favorites and our section is extremely well-curated.

There’s no shame in reading teen fiction, and it can expand your reading options by at least 25%, so get on it!

If you love Scott Lynch and Brandon Sanderson, give Leigh Bardugo’s new book, Six of Crows, a try!

Loved The Time Traveler’s Wife? Preorder a copy of Emily Henry’s The Love That Split the World (out in January; it’s AMAZING)!

David Mitchell fans would probably love Marcus Sedgwick’s The Ghosts of Heaven and Parker Peevyhouse’s forthcoming Where Futures End.

If you adored The Night Circus, you have to read Anna-Marie McLemore’s gorgeous The Weight of Feathers!

Tana French and Gillian Flynn fans should be on the lookout for Kim Savage’s After the Woods next year! You’ve probably seen our promo bookmarks around the store!



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