All I want for Christmas….

When I was a little kid Christmas was, as it goes for all kids raised celebrating Christmas, a very exciting morning of up at 4 or 5 am to run down the stairs and see what not only Santa had brought us over the night but unwrap all the other presents that were sitting under the tree.

Of course, for a family of readers and geeks, books were on the wish list and I don’t remember a single year that we didn’t get a book of some sort!

For many years after third grade, the top choice was whatever new Harry Potter book had come out or that I didn’t already own…in hard back, of course.

This was also the case for my sister’s, at one point I think we had 4 different collections of the potter book. One for myself and two younger sisters, and one for my mother.

Yet it wasn’t always Potter holidays, though it was often potter holidays. (books, shirts, toys etc.)

Sometimes we got history books for our current interest. And my middle sister would get a new graphic novel. We all had a fondness of antique titles with lavish art. 

And though we also got toys, or instruments on occasion, books were a constant thing.

All of which we never complained about.

So I hope that whatever holiday(s) you celebrate this year, that you can share, or receive the joy of a book or books for a present. Because they were the perfect gift for someone that has everything, and someone that has nothing.

Happy Holidays,

Rebecca Lee Robinson



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