New Year, New Book Clubs

At Old Firehouse we are adding some flair to our book club selections to make every reader more able to enjoy participating at the store.

In 2015 we added the F$#@+d-Up Book Club  and added a new Sci-Fi & Fantasy book club, Swords and Lasers Book Club because the 1st one got too popular (A GOOD problem to have).

From before we still have our mystery book club, Traps and Trenchcoats along with Graphically Yours.

Going forward into 2016 we have new and exciting experiments boiling under the surface. In a pairing with Copper Muse Distillery who is starting a book club inspired by the history and function of alcohol we will be selling books and encouraging visits to Copper Muse.

Book Club Poster – CopperMuse Distillery

We are also hoping to start a non-fiction book club that explores current and historical events called the Sense of Time Book Club.

Along with a Coloring Book Club (for adults and kids of all ages!) that will teach techniques and talk about new books, along with discussions on artists and favorites!

We hope to see you around!


Rebecca Lee Robinson



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