Review- Blackhearts by Nicole Castroman


First of all, I’m a sucker for historical romance. Second of all, I haven’t read a historical pirate-related book in a while. (Very loosely pirate-related, because this has nothing – except in moderation – to do with Edward Teach as a pirate. Yet.) This is more similar to, as the author herself said, sumptuous period romance-dramas. The pacing was perfect, and SO TENSE. Castroman reveals most of the characters’ secrets fairly early on, so we’re left waiting for everything to come crashing down around them. I was up in the wee hours trying to finish it, and as soon as I woke up I had to find out how it all ended. I really loved Anne for her resourcefulness and her determination to make a place for herself in the world as a young bi-racial woman in 17th century England. Smart/great heroines! Not making dumb choices! Huzzah! It was also a treat watching Edward’s development from jerk to romantic hero. Oh and of course the romance arc is amazing, because all of the above. To rehash: tense pacing, wonderful characters, great love story! Really fabulous debut, and I’m chomping at the bit for book #2.

~Allison Senecal


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