To Ditch the Classics? Or Read them All?

It’s a constant argument among literary nerds, book store employees, academe and parents on whether or not to read classic works of literature or to just read what one likes.


At the bookstore we are even divided. I, personally, enjoy a good classic. For me it is a challenge, an understanding of the time it was written in. Yet many of my co-workers feel that there is more in modern literature to keep people engaged  and that putting so much emphasis on these works is a disservice that turns many readers away from reading. Especially in the vital teen years. Which, in all reality, show a lot on what one will read for fun going into adulthood.

So what is your take?

Maybe being selective is the best goal, read what appeals to you, read what makes you happy. Unless it’s for a school thing, then you should probably do the required reading. It will help, I promise.

Here is an argument against and for.

Comment below.


Happy Reading,

Rebecca Lee Robinson



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