Book Lover’s Guide to Traveling

I often travel alone, so that means that I often have extra time to read in airports, bus stations, hotels, and for my own break from the world.

However, my love of books can become a hazard to “packing light” so I have made it a habit to take less and get more if I need to. Which works the best. I mean how good is it to run out of reading material? Okay it depends who you are, but for busy me, it feels good to finish a book and have to find my next read!

PACK LIGHT- if you don’t know how much downtown you will have, less is more. Meaning, pack one or two reads, and call it a day. Chances are, as I’ve experienced, you’ll be lucky to get through one of them. Let alone 2. If you are gone for more than a week or two, maybe stuff a third one in there just in case.

TRADE- If you hostel, like I do, I leave behind what I finish with new friends or in the hostel library. Someone will inevitably pickup what I left and then they can love it, trade it again, or pass it on to someone else. This also means you can probably find something in the hostel worth reading!

SHOP- Around the world, at least in the parts I’ve explored (mostly Europe) there is always a good bookstore around! And many have English sections in non-english speaking nations (Germany, Italy) so there is a good chance you’ll easily find something somewhere. And it also means you can find cool copies of books with neat covers and quirks to them!


TRAVEL GUIDES- MINIMIZE- If you are ONLY going to a part of the country you are visiting, just tear out those pages. Or take pictures on your camera or cell phone of the parts you need. This way you save weight and space!

AUDIOBOOKS- I don’t know of anyone that doesn’t take a phone with them to travel, mostly smart phones in 2016, so Audio Books are a great way to enjoy works without the extra weight. Just save the files to your phone and be on your way! Same goes for e-books (though I always prefer a real book in my hands).

BOOK AS A GATEWAY- The cool part about traveling alone is that you are far more open to meeting new people. Yes, sometimes drunk men are annoying, but for the most part you meet really cool people and make lifelong friends! If you are reading a book someone else loves there tends to be a chance to meet new people and communicate new ideas. It’s a lot of fun!

Happy Travels!


~Rebecca Lee Robinson


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